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Your Plants Favorite Drink

Although I am a chemist, I always felt uneasy about adding chemical fertilizers to my plants. Some of that was simply because it just doesn’t feel right. The fact is that without chemical fertilizers society could never have grown the quantity of food we need for the prices we can afford. On the other hand, we are not farmers that need to grow hundreds of acres of corn and there are real reasons why chemical fertilizers are not the best option for you, the home owner.

Usually, chemical fertilizers only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are usually present as salts that wash away and contaminate the water. Laura Buckler states, in the on-line journal Environmental Protection: “Because the damage caused by chemical fertilizers is often long-term and cumulative, it may be wiser to consider alternative and sustainable methods of fertilizing the soil.”

Using my seaweed based fertilizer along with Liquid Mulch is one of these sustainable alternatives. This is because plants need more than just those three elements to be healthy. Both products together make an excellent and unbeatable team.


Applying Liquid Mulch

Liquid Mulch poured over the soil adds vital microbes that help plants develop healthy roots

Our seaweed based fertilizer contains a lot more than the essential three elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also contains many trace elements and plant proteins that plants need to be healthy. All these nutrients are encapsulated in the seaweed and are released, slowly over time; as the seaweed enriches the soil and let the microbes that are normally present in healthy soil thrive.

So, in addition to feeding the plant, the seaweed based fertilizer also feeds the soil and allows the microbes that the Liquid Mulch re-introduced to flourish. In turn, these microbes make it easier for the plants to absorb and use the nutrients that are in the soil. The end result is full, healthy plants that produce luscious flowers.

I like to think of it this way; we all enjoy a cold drink on a hot summer’s day along with our favorite meal. It refreshes us, helps us digest our food and makes us happy. Similarly, your plants will enjoy a fresh glass of seaweed fertilizer along with a nice coat of Liquid Mulch. This mental image was the inspiration for the packaging of the Liquid Mulch and the seaweed based fertilizer in the glass bottle. It is a refreshing drink and meal that your plants will enjoy.


Elephant Ear with Red Liquid Mulch

My elephant ear plant grew from 3 ft tall to almost 6 ft tall over the winter months

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