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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Elephant Ear Plant with Red Liquid Mulch

There is much more to Advanced Bio Products than Liquid Mulch. We build our products on a vision of a world that respects our environment. At the same time, our products bring real benefit to you.

For example, Liquid Mulch was specially designed to make it easier for you to care for gardens and potted plants. While the ready to use Liquid Mulch for outdoor gardens will be available shortly, Liquid Mulch for potted plants is already available. Both products help you care for your plants. It is very easy to apply and takes very little time and effort. Once dry, it seals the soil by forming a permeable crust. So the plant can still breathe. Water along with nutrients can still get to the roots. This accomplishes several things.

  1.        The soil is held in place. It doesn’t fall out when the pot is knocked over;
  2.        Water cannot evaporate as quickly and remains available to the plant for more time. This is especially important when you go away for some time;

And when the plant is put outside for the day or for the summer;

        The soil isn’t blown about by the wind;

  1.        The soil can’t be washed out by heavy rain or when watering;
  2.        Seeds that fall on top, such as weed seeds, cannot sprout because they don’t have access to the soil;
  3.        Insects can’t lay their eggs or larvae in the soil and so there are fewer pests. This is important when you bring the plant back inside.

One of the products that is used by our industrial customers is the binder AMP30. It is used to make fertilizer pellets. We have used it to make decorative time release fertilizer pellets. A future blog will discuss this product.

We have also developed two types of small decorative pots. These pots are actually made from jute or paper bags and are saturated in AMP30. This makes them into plastic-like pots that look like paper bags or jute bags. They are very popular and will also be discussed in further detail in a future blog.

There is the seaweed based fertilizer and the temporary protective coating for the hobbyist or for home renovations. There is much to talk about. I look forward to your feedback through Facebook or Twitter.

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