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We are very proud of what we have accomplished. Until now, Liquid Mulch and the corn starch based polymers we make Ownerhave been available to businesses around the world. (You can visit our website for businesses: Starting late in 2018 Liquid Mulch has been available to the general public   through this e-store. And, up to December 2018, we have helped our customers save the world about 2   000 000 L of crude oil. We have put together and continue to make new products for beautifying your   home and garden. Visit us often to see what's new or register for our newsletter to follow all of the latest  developments. As a thank you for registering we offer you 1000 ABP Golden Leaves Rewards (a value of $10). These leaves can be used to purchase products from our e-store.

University research articles discussing Liquid Mulch and how well it works are listed below.

We are a small family operated business based in Milton, Ontario, Canada and we look forward to serving you.


What is Liquid Mulch

Liquid Mulch is specifically formulated with natural ingredients for the needs of your plants and gardens. We have Liquid Mulch for your indoor plants and for your gardens. Please browse both our indoor and outdoor parts of the shop.

Get healthier plants with less effort because it allows water and air to reach the roots, helps keep the soil in place Saving water with Liquid Mulchand helps you conserve water. That means that you need to water less often or can go on vacation longer without worrying about watering your plants. The picture on the right shows how Liquid Mulch helps keep indoor plants healthier. The blue flowers in the left of the picture were treated with Liquid Mulch while the red flowers in the right of the picture were not. The picture was taken 5 days after the last watering.

Unlike wood chips or bark, it doesn't get blown over the lawn, walkway or driveway. For example, when used with potted plants; even if the pot is toppled over the earth and plant won't fall out.

Liquid Mulch will form a film over the soil that contains important microbes. These microbes are released each time you water your plants and they help keep the plants healthy because they help the plant better use the nutrients that are in the soil. The microbes contained in the Liquid Mulch are:

  1. Bacillus subtillis
  2. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
  3. Pseudomonas montelli


For more information on how these microbes are beneficial for your potted plants please visit the following Wikipedia page:

Another important feature of Liquid Mulch is that this film that is formed prevents insects from borroughing into the soil. Many people have expressed how happy they were that they didn't bring insects back into the house when they brought their house plants back in after the summer season.

How to use Liquid Mulch 

Use it on all of your potted plants, including those container plants that are kept outside during the summer and are brought in for the winter. Also, use it in your vegetable and flower gardens.

Simply shake gently and pour directly from the bottle onto the soil in the pot and watch your plant grow. Only pour as much product as is needed to cover the surface. Make sure that the entire surface is completely covered. The product needs to dry completely before it can do its job. Please do not water your plant until the product has completely dried. It usually dries within one day. 


What you can expect 

Our mission is to help you create and maintain a healthy living environment. Our vision is a world that respects the environment by reducing our dependence on petrochemicals and reducing unnecessary waste.

What you can expect from us is high quality, environmentally friendly products for your home and garden. Our staff is there to assist you in a friendly way and with a positive attitude.
Liquid Mulch is a new to the world product. You are among the first to enjoy the benefits of using it. What you can expect from Liquid Mulch is a clean and dry decorative and functional film that will:

   - dry within 1 day
   - keep the soil in the pot
   - let water and air through to the roots
   - keep insects and weed seeds out of the soil
   - help you conserve water
   - biodegrade over time
For larger quantities please visit our industrial site 

What is our seaweed based fertilizer 

Seaweed contains all the necessary nutrients (0.3% N, 0.1% P, 1.0% K and a full range of important trace elements and amino acids). It also contains plant hormones and enzymes that promote plant growth.

Geraniums produce more flowers per plant; grapes are sweeter; gladiolus corms grow larger; and vegetable yields increase.

Seeds soaked in seaweed extract germinate more rapidly, have larger root mass, stronger plant growth and higher survival rate. Soaking plant roots in seaweed extract reduces transplant shock and speeds root growth.

How to use the seaweed based fertilizer 

Our seaweed based fertilizer is concentrated. Dilute it before use. Mix about 1 tablespoon per Liter (about 3 tablespoons per gallon) of water. The diluted fertilizer can also be sprayed onto the leaves. The leaves will absorb the fertilizer. For best results, use it every time you water your plants.