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Liquid Mulch for Potted Plants - Case of 6 - 220 mL (7.4 oz) Bottles

6 Bottles - 220 mL (7.4 fl oz) each - each bottle covers a 25 cm (10") diameter pot. In the box below, please write the colors you'd like in your case for each of the 6 bottles. For example 2 brown, 2 red & 2 black. The colors to choose from are: Black, Brown & Red

This is mulch for your indoor house plants. Liquid Mulch has been specially formulated for home use with the latest eco-friendly technology and know-how. Here is out it works:

  1. Conserves water By using Liquid Mulch you don’t need to water your plants as often or, you can go on vacation longer. 40% less water is lost.
  2. Helps keep your house clean by keeping the soil in the pot Pets, such as cats can topple plants over. Loose soil may fall out when the plant is moved. Liquid Mulch will help keep your house clean by holding the soil together and keeping it from falling out.
  3. Helps maintain a healthy root system Liquid Mulch reduces the amount of fertilizer the plant needs and helps the plant keep your home environment beautiful and healthy. It contains natural and beneficial bacteria to help the plant use nutrients in the soil. 
  4. Is comletely bio-degradable
  5. Keeps insects out This revolutionary product keeps these insects out of the soil while the plant is outside.
  6. Keeps weeds out It keeps weed seeds from sprouting because it cannot get into the moist soil.
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