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Thank you for Coming to Our Open House!


Thank you to everyone that came to our open house for the launch of our new products and our new e-store. You helped make it a resounding success. We learnt about Liquid Mulch; what it does, how to use it and why it works. One aspect of which I’m particularly proud is that we have been able to help you save over 1,700,000 L of crude oil. Every time you use one of our products instead of a plastic, you help us achieve our vision of a world that respects the environment.


During the open house, we held a contest. People chose their preference of colour for our new decorative, time release fertilizer beads. The beads that were on display were a reddish/brown colour. The beads were well received and we got many good colour suggestions. However, the one colour that was recommended the most was green.


From all those that suggested green a winner will be chosen and they will receive a free package of the decorative, time release fertilizer beads in green.


The current contest invites you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The first 25 on each platform will receive one new product of their choice. I look forward to sending you a gift package.


More events like our open house are being planned and I will keep you updated.

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