Natural Biodegradable Plant Care Products & Accessories

Small Gift Package for the Plant Lover

Excellent starter kit for the budding plant over. Gift Package includes: 3 bottles of Liquid Mulch (Black, Brown & Red), 1 Jute Pot & 1 Seaweed Fertilizer bottle

This is an excellent gift idea for the plant lover. Also makes an excellent starter kit. It includes Liquid Mulch to help maintain healthy & beautiful plants, a biodegradable decorative pot and natural seaweed fertilizer.

Each bottle of liquid mulch contains 220 mL (7.4 fl oz) - each bottle covers a 25 cm (10") diameter pot. Use this to help keep your potted plants healthy. The Liquid Mulch contains beneficial bacteria that help your plants absorb nutrients fro the soil. It also helps keep the soil moist longer; resulting in less stress on the plants.

Dimensions of the jute pot: 10cm/4" in diameter and 14(5.5") in height. The volume of the pot 1 L (0.26G). Made using our unique corn based polymer. It is a solid pot that is biodegradable.

The bottle of seaweed fertilizer contains 220 mL (7.4 fl oz).