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Natural Liquid Mulch - Grade 4 - Industrial - 18 L (5 Gallon) Pail

The colors to choose are: Black, Brown & Red. Each pail covers 4.5 square meter (about 5 square yards).

Each pail you use saves the world about 4 Kg of crude oil. Contains no herbicides or pesticides.

This is Liquid Mulch for heavy duty use. It has been specially formulated for resisting heavy traffic and for the greatest weed control with the latest eco-friendly technology and know-how. Here is out it works:

  1. Conserves water By using Liquid Mulch plants need less watering. 40% less water is lost.
  2. Helps keep your process or land clean by keeping the soil in place. Loose soil may be washed or blown away. Liquid Mulch will hold the soil in place.
  3. Is comletely bio-degradable
  4. Keeps insects out This revolutionary product keeps these insects out of the soil.
  5. Keeps weeds out It keeps weed seeds from sprouting because they cannot get into the moist soil.
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