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Introducing our New Liquid Mulch for Home Landscaping

Spring is here! And, I am happy to announce the arrival of our Liquid Mulch for your landscaping needs. This Liquid Mulch product is specifically designed to help you in your flower beds and garden. Simply pour it over the soil and let it dry completely. Then, enjoy the summer. As with the Liquid Mulch for potted plants, three colours are available: Black, Brown and Red. It’s available in a 3.73 L jug (1 gallon) that covers about 1 m2 (1 sq. yard) or 18 L pail that covers about 4.5 m2 (5 sq yards).

Mulching is an important part of keeping a healthy garden and of reducing the amount of work you need to do in the yard. As with any yard work, preparation is important. The cleaner and smoother the area is the better the result will be.

Unlike loose mulch, Liquid Mulch doesn’t fly around in the wind. It keeps the dirt around the plants, reduces water lost by evaporation from the soil and keeps the weeds out!

It is also really easy to make changes in your flower bed. Transplant, add or remove plants as you desire and then simply pour some more Liquid Mulch over the affected area. There is no cutting or manipulating of bulky sheets needed.

These are all important aspects of keeping a healthy garden. More importantly, it lets you enjoy your garden as opposed to spending time weeding.

You can use Liquid Mulch in many ways. For example, you can simply leave it as is or, you can add some decorative stones in between to create a contrast.

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