Scientifically Developed All Natural Liquid Mulch for Bigger Healthier Flowers

Indoor Garden

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Seaweed Fertilizer - Case of 4 -220 mL (7.4 oz) Bottles

4 Bottles of 220 mL (7.4 fl oz) each of natural seaweed based fertilizer. Seaweed contains all the necessary nutrients (0.3% N, 0.1% P, 1.0% K and a full range of important trace elements and amino acids). It also contains plant hormones and enzymes that promote plant growth.

Decorative Biodegradable Jute Pot

A decorative biodegradable flower jute pot. Dimensions of one pot: 10cm/4" in diameter and 14(5.5") in height. The volume of the pot 1 L (0.26G)

Decorative Biodegradable Pots - Small

Set of two decorative biodegradable flower pots. One is gloss white and one is gloss black. Dimensions of one pot: 6.5cm/2.5" (L) x 11cm/4.3" (W) x 14cm/5.5" (H). Total hieght with handles 23cm/9".  Volume of one pot 985 mL (33 fl oz).

Complete Gift Package for the Plant Lover

Ideal gift for the plant lover. Gift Package Includes: 3 Bottles of Liquid Mulch (Black, Brown & Red), 1 Decorative Jute Pot, 2 Decorative Small Pots & 1 Seaweed Fertilizer Bottle

Small Gift Package for the Budding Plant Lover

Excellent starter kit for the budding plant lover. Gift Package includes: 3 bottles of Liquid Mulch (Black, Brown & Red), 1 Jute Pot & 1 Seaweed Fertilizer bottle