Scientifically Developed All Natural Liquid Mulch System for Bigger Healthier more Resistant Flowers


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Temporary, Water washable Masking Liquid - AMP66VN™ - Case of 2 - 1 L Jugs

AMP66VN™ is a thicker version of AMP66™ primarily used to apply thicker films. AMP66™ is an excellent masking tool for hobbyists and for home reno projects. You can use it to temporarily protect any surface against dirt, oil, paint, marring, etc. This package contains 2, 1 L jugs of AMP66™. Once the protection is no longer needed simply wash it off using water. Always keep some on hand.

Red Decorative Time Release Fertilizer Beads - 500 g bag

500 g of the Time Release Fertilizer Beads covers about 200 square cm (or about 15 square inches). Plant not included. It will fertilize the plant each time it is watered. These beads are also based on the natural seaweed formulation.