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Hobby Wood Glue - AMP30™ - Case of 4 - 250 mL bottles

AMP30™ is an excellent wood glue for hobbyists. You can use it to wood, paper, cardboard, etc. This package contains 4, 250 mL bottles of AMP30™. The glue is all natural and is made from Ontario grown corn.

AMP30™ can be applied over any surface but is especially designed for bonding wood, paper, cardboard, etc. Make sure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean. Apply the AMP30™ to one of the two surface and firmly press the two surfaces together. Allow the to dry. It will usually dry within the hour.

The glue can be spread by using a brush, a foam brush, a cloth or any other appropriate tool. If the surface absorbs the glue more have have to be applied.

It is a natural product made from corn.

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