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Help Us Save 2.5 Million L of Crude Oil

I started developing Liquid Mulch and the other polysaccharide based products because I have a strong belief that humanity can accomplish the same standard of living without abusing the environment or without depleting the earth’s resources.

Since the first products went commercial in 2010, these natural polysaccharide based products have saved over 1.7 million L of crude oil. Now, you, the individual can also help because these products have been made into a format that can be used around your home. For example, there is Liquid Mulch for potted plants, decorative pots, etc.

Each bottle of Liquid Mulch that you use instead of spraying the plant with pesticides/herbicides or instead of putting a geo fabric over the ground saves about 50 g of crude oil. In addition it saves about 2 L of water over three months. Each time you use one of our small 6” decorative pots instead of an equivalent plastic pot you also help save about 50 g of crude oil.

Our goal is to save 2.5 million L of crude oil.

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