Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Mulch


  1. Can I repot my plant?
    • Yes
    • You do not need to remove the product. Simply repot and then re-apply the product
  2. How long can I keep the product in the bottle?
    • Being a natural product containing pro-biotics we do not recommend keeping the product for more than one year
    • There is no need to refrigerate the product

  3. Can I compost the dry film?
    • Yes

  4. What is Liquid Mulch made of?
    • Liquid Mulch is made from all natural ingredients. These include:
      • Cellulose
      • Starch
      • Beneficial plant microbes
      • Seaweed
    • Liquid Mulch will degrade naturally because it is consumed by bacteria in the soil
  5. Is Liquid Mulch harmful?
    • No!
    • Liquid Mulch is not harmful to people, animals, plants or insects
    • Liquid Mulch forms a natural barrier over the soil that keeps insects away from the roots and that keeps water in the soil longer. The result is healthier plants.