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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Elephant Ear Plant with Red Liquid Mulch

There is much more to Advanced Bio Products than Liquid Mulch. We build our products on a vision of a world that respects our environment. At the same time, our products bring real benefit to you.

For example, Liquid Mulch was specially designed to make it easier for you to care for gardens and potted plants. While the ready to use Liquid Mulch for outdoor gardens will be available shortly, Liquid Mulch for potted plants is already available. Both products help you care for your plants. It is very easy to apply and takes very little time and effort. Once dry, it seals the soil by forming a permeable crust. So the plant can still breathe. Water along with nutrients can still get to the roots. This accomplishes several things.

  1.        The soil is held in place. It doesn’t fall out when the pot is knocked over;
  2.        Water cannot evaporate as quickly and remains available to the plant for more time. This is especially important when you go away for some time;

And when the plant is put outside for the day or for the summer;

        The soil isn’t blown about by the wind;

  1.        The soil can’t be washed out by heavy rain or when watering;
  2.        Seeds that fall on top, such as weed seeds, cannot sprout because they don’t have access to the soil;
  3.        Insects can’t lay their eggs or larvae in the soil and so there are fewer pests. This is important when you bring the plant back inside.

One of the products that is used by our industrial customers is the binder AMP30. It is used to make fertilizer pellets. We have used it to make decorative time release fertilizer pellets. A future blog will discuss this product.

We have also developed two types of small decorative pots. These pots are actually made from jute or paper bags and are saturated in AMP30. This makes them into plastic-like pots that look like paper bags or jute bags. They are very popular and will also be discussed in further detail in a future blog.

There is the seaweed based fertilizer and the temporary protective coating for the hobbyist or for home renovations. There is much to talk about. I look forward to your feedback through Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for Coming to Our Open House!


Thank you to everyone that came to our open house for the launch of our new products and our new e-store. You helped make it a resounding success. We learnt about Liquid Mulch; what it does, how to use it and why it works. One aspect of which I’m particularly proud is that we have been able to help you save over 1,700,000 L of crude oil. Every time you use one of our products instead of a plastic, you help us achieve our vision of a world that respects the environment.


During the open house, we held a contest. People chose their preference of colour for our new decorative, time release fertilizer beads. The beads that were on display were a reddish/brown colour. The beads were well received and we got many good colour suggestions. However, the one colour that was recommended the most was green.


From all those that suggested green a winner will be chosen and they will receive a free package of the decorative, time release fertilizer beads in green.


The current contest invites you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The first 25 on each platform will receive one new product of their choice. I look forward to sending you a gift package.


More events like our open house are being planned and I will keep you updated.

Come to Our Open House on Friday April 20th

We are very excited to invite you to our open house for the launch of our new products and our new e-store. During the open house you will learn more about Liquid Mulch and many other products. You will be able to see how to use our new products and how they will benefit your home garden. You will also be able to see part of the process we use to make our products.

Among the products that will be featured are: Liquid Mulch for indoor plants, Liquid Mulch for the garden, Natural & biodegradable decorative pots, Decorative & time release fertilizer beads, Liquid seaweed based fertilizer and Decorative & scented sticks for potted plants.

The Open House is:

Friday April 20th 2018 2pm-8pm


615 Main St, E
Milton, ON

L9T 3J2

During your visit you can participate in selecting the colours for the decorative, time release fertilizer beads as well as for the decorative, scented sticks for potted plants.

Another way you can follow the latest updates and news is by following us on Twitter: @AdvancedBP

We will keep on introducing interesting and novel products. Let us know what you would like to see in our store.

Come and enjoy a coffee with us. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Introducing our new Decorative Jute Pot

One purpose of this e-store is to bring you hard to find, unique products that help you beautify your home. Another is to help keep your home environment healthy with products that are made from natural sources and are biodegradable.


This new decorative pot definitely meets that objective. It is a jute bag coated with our proprietary corn based polymer so that it is a solid pot. This makes the pot easy to keep clean. Simply dust, vacuum or wipe off with a moist rag. The container is bio-degradable and can be composted.

Decorative Jute Pot Decorative Bag Pot

Decorative containers need not be made from plastic or terra cotta. Using our products gives you the decorating flexibility of plastic while keeping the natural and environmentally friendly aspects of clay and terra cotta.


This pot makes beautifying even small spaces easy. One can simply put any potted plant into the decorative container, as we did in the picture to the left. Or, the flowers can be planted directly into the pot, as we did in the picture to the right.


We will keep on introducing interesting and novel products. One way to keep up to date with our new product introductions is by signing up to our newsletter when you register. ( Or, you can visit or New Products page on a regular basis. ( Or, you may sign up for our RSS feed.


When combined with our Liquid Mulch a vibrant combination of colours can be made that is beautifies with little effort.

Introducing our new E-store

I am very proud of what my family and colleagues have accomplished. For us, it is both a first and a very important step. Finally, today, all that hard work has paid off as we open our very first e-store and at the same time introduce LM to the world.

While the e-store starts small, the plan is to grow it continuously over time. We will provide products and the information you need to create and maintain a beautiful indoor garden.

It has long been known that an indoor garden is one of the best ways to provide a healthy living environment. The plants help clean the air we breathe and the air indoors is often more polluted than the air outside. Plants are also good for the soul, providing a calming and positive surrounding that can counteract negativity and depression.

There's a brief video on our YouTube channel showing how to use our LM product. My next blog will go into more details on why this product will help you.

Please visit us often and follow along as over the next several months we try to help you create and maintain a natural and healthy indoor living environment.