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Liquid Mulch & Seaweed Fertilizer an Unbeatable Team

Liquid Mulch by itself brings many benefits. Similarly, the seaweed fertilizer brings many benefits. In the past I’ve been able to discuss these a little. Together, however, they are an unbeatable team. And that is what I’d like to cover today.

So, why would they be an unbeatable team? Well, Liquid Mulch helps to protect the plants against pests, against weeds and against drying out. It also makes for healthier and stronger roots which results in more beautiful flowers. The seaweed fertilizer contains the macro and the micro nutrients needed for healthy and beautiful flowers and plants. The microbes in the Liquid Mulch use the nutrients in the seaweed fertilizer and make it more available for the plant. This is called Bioavailability.

Just because a fertilizer is in the soil does not mean that it is available for the plant to use. In order for the plant to use it, it needs to enter the root system and be carried up the stems into the buds and the leaves. If the fertilizer is insoluble in water, or is bound to the soil in some manner away from the roots, the plant cannot use it. And this is where the microbes from the Liquid Mulch come in. They help make the nutrients bioavailable to the plants.

Nutrients in the soil are bioavailable when the roots can pick them up and transport them into the plant

Our seaweed based fertilizer has one more really important benefit. And that is that it can be absorbed by the plant through the leaves. This way it can be used directly by the plant.

The results obtained with both the Liquid Mulch and the seaweed are much greater than when only one of the products is used.

How can you do this?

  1.        Apply the liquid Mulch over the soil around the plant
  2.        Let the Liquid Mulch dry for at least one day
  3.        Add the seaweed fertilizer to the water each time that you water your plants
  4.        Remember that the plants will need less water with the Liquid Mulch than they did without it
  5.       Only water them when they need it
  6.        Enjoy your flowers and plants

One reason why many house plants die is because of either a lack of water or because they are over watered. Liquid Mulch makes this easier. Next time, I would like to discuss how one can know when it’s time to water.