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Blog posts of '2020' 'April'

Special Offer

This is a very difficult time that is impacting all of our lives. The world has shut down in order to protect the health of as many people as possible. We are truly grateful for those individuals that are devoting all of their energy to helping those of us that have fallen sick and those that are working hard to keep the virus from spreading further.

My team and I have been thinking about how we can help. While many people sit at home, isolated, we thought that we could help by bringing some happiness and joy into the home.

 Indoor Garden with Liquid Mulch

House plants brighten the home environment and make the living space healthier and more enjoyable. Our starter kit of seaweed fertilizer and Liquid Mulch help growing plants much easier.

Small Landscape with Liquid Mulch

Now for a limited time, we offer, at no extra charge, an addition to our starter kit. Included are a selection of seeds of your choice as well as a pot and sterilized soil. So that you don’t need to leave your home to start growing some food or some flowers of your own. We sterilize the inside of all of our packaging at this time to ensure both your and our safety. (

Liquid Mulch was developed here, in Canada and is scientifically proven to make growing plants easier. Please visit our website to learn more about Liquid Mulch and how it can help you:

In addition, here are two links to some of the scientific journal articles that you can read for yourself  (just press control and click on the title to open the article):

University of Guelph Water Conservation Study

Cornell University Weed Study (Liquid Mulch is discussed on page 16)

I really hope that you will you will try our special offer and give us some feedback about the joy of growing your own plants at home.

Thanks & please follow the health guidelines,

Ruben Lenz