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Beautiful Indoor Garden

Some people have great success in keeping house plants and the result is a beautiful home environment and healthier air to breath. House plants also help relax us and help make the home environment feel like a safe haven. Others, like me, have always struggled with house plants. I forget to water them and often they die from neglect.

I have developed a number of products to help me keep beautiful house plants. And I know that they can help you too. If you have difficulty but love plants, these products are for you. If you already are an expert these products can also help you by making it easier. Maybe you know of someone that would benefit from a gift package?

In addition, I have worked hard to keep all the products natural. That’s because I really believe that it’s important for us to minimize our negative impact on the earth. So, the products I develop are made from renewable resources such as corn and are biodegradable or compostable.

Some of the products that can help you are:

  • Liquid Mulch
    • Use this product to help your plants develop healthy roots and to retain moisture so that you don’t have water as often
  • Seaweed based fertilizer
    • Use this product to promote luscious growth and beautiful flowers
  • Decorative Time released fertilizer beads
    • Use this product to feed your house plants a little every time that you water them. It is the same as the seaweed based fertilizer but is easier to use

Today, I have healthy and beautiful houseplants and they make me very happy. It would bring even more joy knowing that the products that I’ve developed also help others.

Try our starter kit or our gift package. Register and get $10 worth of reward leaves. You can use those points right away to try out some of my products. I look forward to your comments about how you enjoyed using my products.