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Hey all plant lovers! Pop the bubbly! 🍾🎉

We are back!! Better and stronger! We have just launched our new website and are hoping you all will love it just as much as we do. We want all to have a memorable experience when you are visiting us virtually. Even though our website has changed, our mission and vision are the same, we are working harder to obtain our goal with our great ABP family. Here are some things to look forward to this new website:

We have exciting new products for you lovely gardeners and one of these amazing new products is nutritional leaf spray. Not only does it help your plants by releasing proteins to refresh your plants but bonus it has an amazing odour that relaxes you but also sweetens the room. Next up we got some Homey Coasters, made from real and the finest woods as well. It is perfect to bring the simplest natural touch to your indoor garden. Not just that but more products are on their way!

We have also improved the pictures for a better e-store experience. The pictures are now designed to help you better visualize the products.

The website now has a more modern look to give a more relaxed feel while shopping for your beautiful gardens, plants, and homes. We hope that you find the experience simple, practical, and enjoyable.

Why go through pages and pages just to not find what you are looking for. The new layout makes it easier to find the products that you need and want. Our goal is to make the website easier to navigate with simple and easy transitions during the buying process.

Because we could not be here without all of you amazing supporters, we wanted to improve this experience and make it more exciting for everyone. We are giving 30% off ALL our products!

If you have any questions contact us through our website or Twitter.

These are just a few things to look forward to, see you all on the site!

Special Offer

This is a very difficult time that is impacting all of our lives. The world has shut down in order to protect the health of as many people as possible. We are truly grateful for those individuals that are devoting all of their energy to helping those of us that have fallen sick and those that are working hard to keep the virus from spreading further.

My team and I have been thinking about how we can help. While many people sit at home, isolated, we thought that we could help by bringing some happiness and joy into the home.

 Indoor Garden with Liquid Mulch

House plants brighten the home environment and make the living space healthier and more enjoyable. Our starter kit of seaweed fertilizer and Liquid Mulch help growing plants much easier.

Small Landscape with Liquid Mulch

Now for a limited time, we offer, at no extra charge, an addition to our starter kit. Included are a selection of seeds of your choice as well as a pot and sterilized soil. So that you don’t need to leave your home to start growing some food or some flowers of your own. We sterilize the inside of all of our packaging at this time to ensure both your and our safety. (

Liquid Mulch was developed here, in Canada and is scientifically proven to make growing plants easier. Please visit our website to learn more about Liquid Mulch and how it can help you:

In addition, here are two links to some of the scientific journal articles that you can read for yourself  (just press control and click on the title to open the article):

University of Guelph Water Conservation Study

Cornell University Weed Study (Liquid Mulch is discussed on page 16)

I really hope that you will you will try our special offer and give us some feedback about the joy of growing your own plants at home.

Thanks & please follow the health guidelines,

Ruben Lenz


Who We Are

We are very proud of what we have accomplished together and wish to thank you for your support by using our products. Advanced Bio Products is a small family owned business that is based in Milton, Ontario and as such, despite being an e-store, is built on personal relationships.

Advanced Bio Products Inc. was founded in August 2015 and all of us are here because we have a vision of a Indoor garden with Liquid Mulch and seaweed fertilizerworld that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth’s resources responsibly. We work towards increasing people’s standard of living by providing a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that helps beautify people’s surroundings.

I am the founder and inventor of Liquid Mulch and I have over 30 years of experience in the research, development and introduction of patented natural plant based products. Over the years we have worked with the Ontario Vegetable Growers Association, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farms and Rural Affairs, Health Canada, Agriculture Canada and many others. All this work was done to ensure that you receive quality performance in every bottle.

Here are two links to some of the scientific journal articles that you can read for yourself (just press control and click on the title to open the article):

University of Guelph Water Conservation Study

Cornell University Weed Study (Liquid Mulch is discussed on page 16)

Our story begins with the development of Liquid Mulch. And, until very recently, Liquid Mulch has only been available to businesses around the world. However, starting late in 2018 we have made it available to the general public through our e-store. Now you can use it with your potted plants as well as on your outdoor garden.

In addition, it contributes directly to our vision because it eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, chemical herbicides and chemical pesticides. At the same time, just as it helps keep my flowers beautiful, it will also help keep your flowers beautiful and healthy.

Check it out for yourself and please share your pictures with me.



Ruben Lenz


905 878-0026


To water or not to water

Not everyone has a green thumb. And I’m definitely one of those that do not. My plants often died although I watered them regularly. Then I found out that they were probably dying of too much water. Who knew that one could actually drown the plants? Here are some signs that might indicate that your plants are being over watered.

 1. The soil is wet and the leaves are wilting

The leaves look wilted, the soil is wet. If your plant is green, well-watered and is still dying, it is probably being overwatered. Only water your plants when the soil is dry to the touch. This little tip will keep you aware of plants that are in need of a good bath, and away from those who are full.

2. Swelling

If a plant has absorbed more water than it needs, it can swell, stress and burst like a balloon that was filled too much. You can check for signs of burst cells by noticing any blisters or lesions on the plant. These lesions will become scar tissue.

3. Yellow Falling Leaves

If there are both yellowing leaves and new growth falling from your plant, there is a good chance it has been overwatered.

4. Root Rot

The roots need to breathe. When there is too much water in the soil, the roots cannot breathe. They will drown and begin to rot. A fungal disease can set in that will cause the roots to turn grey, brown or slimy and will eventually cause the plant to wilt. If a plant has root rot it is best to remove it.


  •          Always let excess water drain completely
  •          Use pots that allow the water to drain
  •          Only water when needed
  •          Use Liquid Mulch so that you only need to water once a week

Do not

  •          Flood the plant in water (more water is not better)
  •          Use hot water
  •          Use ice cold water

Since I’ve been using Liquid Mulch I’ve had a lot more success with my plants. One reason is that it has helped me take the guess work out of watering them.

Liquid Mulch & Seaweed Fertilizer an Unbeatable Team

Liquid Mulch by itself brings many benefits. Similarly, the seaweed fertilizer brings many benefits. In the past I’ve been able to discuss these a little. Together, however, they are an unbeatable team. And that is what I’d like to cover today.

So, why would they be an unbeatable team? Well, Liquid Mulch helps to protect the plants against pests, against weeds and against drying out. It also makes for healthier and stronger roots which results in more beautiful flowers. The seaweed fertilizer contains the macro and the micro nutrients needed for healthy and beautiful flowers and plants. The microbes in the Liquid Mulch use the nutrients in the seaweed fertilizer and make it more available for the plant. This is called Bioavailability.

Just because a fertilizer is in the soil does not mean that it is available for the plant to use. In order for the plant to use it, it needs to enter the root system and be carried up the stems into the buds and the leaves. If the fertilizer is insoluble in water, or is bound to the soil in some manner away from the roots, the plant cannot use it. And this is where the microbes from the Liquid Mulch come in. They help make the nutrients bioavailable to the plants.

Nutrients in the soil are bioavailable when the roots can pick them up and transport them into the plant

Our seaweed based fertilizer has one more really important benefit. And that is that it can be absorbed by the plant through the leaves. This way it can be used directly by the plant.

The results obtained with both the Liquid Mulch and the seaweed are much greater than when only one of the products is used.

How can you do this?

  1.        Apply the liquid Mulch over the soil around the plant
  2.        Let the Liquid Mulch dry for at least one day
  3.        Add the seaweed fertilizer to the water each time that you water your plants
  4.        Remember that the plants will need less water with the Liquid Mulch than they did without it
  5.       Only water them when they need it
  6.        Enjoy your flowers and plants

One reason why many house plants die is because of either a lack of water or because they are over watered. Liquid Mulch makes this easier. Next time, I would like to discuss how one can know when it’s time to water.

Your Plants Favorite Drink

Although I am a chemist, I always felt uneasy about adding chemical fertilizers to my plants. Some of that was simply because it just doesn’t feel right. The fact is that without chemical fertilizers society could never have grown the quantity of food we need for the prices we can afford. On the other hand, we are not farmers that need to grow hundreds of acres of corn and there are real reasons why chemical fertilizers are not the best option for you, the home owner.

Usually, chemical fertilizers only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are usually present as salts that wash away and contaminate the water. Laura Buckler states, in the on-line journal Environmental Protection: “Because the damage caused by chemical fertilizers is often long-term and cumulative, it may be wiser to consider alternative and sustainable methods of fertilizing the soil.”

Using my seaweed based fertilizer along with Liquid Mulch is one of these sustainable alternatives. This is because plants need more than just those three elements to be healthy. Both products together make an excellent and unbeatable team.


Applying Liquid Mulch

Liquid Mulch poured over the soil adds vital microbes that help plants develop healthy roots

Our seaweed based fertilizer contains a lot more than the essential three elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also contains many trace elements and plant proteins that plants need to be healthy. All these nutrients are encapsulated in the seaweed and are released, slowly over time; as the seaweed enriches the soil and let the microbes that are normally present in healthy soil thrive.

So, in addition to feeding the plant, the seaweed based fertilizer also feeds the soil and allows the microbes that the Liquid Mulch re-introduced to flourish. In turn, these microbes make it easier for the plants to absorb and use the nutrients that are in the soil. The end result is full, healthy plants that produce luscious flowers.

I like to think of it this way; we all enjoy a cold drink on a hot summer’s day along with our favorite meal. It refreshes us, helps us digest our food and makes us happy. Similarly, your plants will enjoy a fresh glass of seaweed fertilizer along with a nice coat of Liquid Mulch. This mental image was the inspiration for the packaging of the Liquid Mulch and the seaweed based fertilizer in the glass bottle. It is a refreshing drink and meal that your plants will enjoy.


Elephant Ear with Red Liquid Mulch

My elephant ear plant grew from 3 ft tall to almost 6 ft tall over the winter months

Why Liquid Mulch is Important

A few weeks ago I received a Research Article from Cornell University about, among other weed control methods, how well Liquid Mulch works and why it is important. The lead researcher was Dr. Andrew Senesac.

Andrew explained why Liquid Mulch is important this way: “Managing weeds in container nurseries can be a year-round effort. In the fall, as containers are brought into unheated hoophouses and covered with poly-film, the environment can become friendly to certain weeds. Species such as common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris), hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) and liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha) can become serious weed problems in the dormant season. Growers are interested in learning of any cultural practices or non-chemical management that will do the job. To that end, we initiated a study in late 2017 to evaluate a new product called Liquid Mulch.”

Liquid Mulch on Nursery TreesTrees at a container nursery in Ontario with grey Liquid Mulch

His conclusion was: “The results of the seedling counts indicate that by the second evaluation, all of the treatments significantly reduced common groundsel establishment.” Andrew had compared the performance of the different colors and different amounts of Liquid Mulch. All of them performed the same.

In addition, Andrew noted that most of the weeds occurred where the Liquid Mulch was not present or was poorly applied.

You can read the full article on this website under the “Why Buy Liquid Mulch” Tab. The article is at the bottom of the page.

I invite you to read the entire page because it contains useful information about Liquid Mulch. I found that in my garden, flowers are more plentiful, vibrant and last longer when I use Liquid Mulch along with the seaweed fertilizer. For example, I never had any success keeping my geraniums over the winter and always had to buy new ones in the spring.

I live near Toronto in Ontario, Canada and there are very few sunlight hours during the winter. But this year is different. Not only did the geranium plants survive but they flourished and flowered!

Liquid Mulch and Seaweed for Geranium FlowersGeranium flowers in my indoor garden in the winter

Here is what I did this year. I put the Liquid Much over the soil of my potted plants and let it dry completely.  I watered the plants only when they needed it, about once a week. I watered the plants with water that contained the seaweed based fertilizer – 1 teaspoon per liter (quart) of water. They were placed on a window sill to get light but also away from cold drafts.

Next time I want to discuss the seaweed based fertilizer. Why it is effective and how to use it? In the meantime check out our seaweed based fertilizer by following this link:

Welcome to my e-store

Beautiful Indoor Garden

Some people have great success in keeping house plants and the result is a beautiful home environment and healthier air to breath. House plants also help relax us and help make the home environment feel like a safe haven. Others, like me, have always struggled with house plants. I forget to water them and often they die from neglect.

I have developed a number of products to help me keep beautiful house plants. And I know that they can help you too. If you have difficulty but love plants, these products are for you. If you already are an expert these products can also help you by making it easier. Maybe you know of someone that would benefit from a gift package?

In addition, I have worked hard to keep all the products natural. That’s because I really believe that it’s important for us to minimize our negative impact on the earth. So, the products I develop are made from renewable resources such as corn and are biodegradable or compostable.

Some of the products that can help you are:

  • Liquid Mulch
    • Use this product to help your plants develop healthy roots and to retain moisture so that you don’t have water as often
  • Seaweed based fertilizer
    • Use this product to promote luscious growth and beautiful flowers
  • Decorative Time released fertilizer beads
    • Use this product to feed your house plants a little every time that you water them. It is the same as the seaweed based fertilizer but is easier to use

Today, I have healthy and beautiful houseplants and they make me very happy. It would bring even more joy knowing that the products that I’ve developed also help others.

Try our starter kit or our gift package. Register and get $10 worth of reward leaves. You can use those points right away to try out some of my products. I look forward to your comments about how you enjoyed using my products.

Introducing our New Liquid Mulch for Home Landscaping

Spring is here! And, I am happy to announce the arrival of our Liquid Mulch for your landscaping needs. This Liquid Mulch product is specifically designed to help you in your flower beds and garden. Simply pour it over the soil and let it dry completely. Then, enjoy the summer. As with the Liquid Mulch for potted plants, three colours are available: Black, Brown and Red. It’s available in a 3.73 L jug (1 gallon) that covers about 1 m2 (1 sq. yard) or 18 L pail that covers about 4.5 m2 (5 sq yards).

Mulching is an important part of keeping a healthy garden and of reducing the amount of work you need to do in the yard. As with any yard work, preparation is important. The cleaner and smoother the area is the better the result will be.

Unlike loose mulch, Liquid Mulch doesn’t fly around in the wind. It keeps the dirt around the plants, reduces water lost by evaporation from the soil and keeps the weeds out!

It is also really easy to make changes in your flower bed. Transplant, add or remove plants as you desire and then simply pour some more Liquid Mulch over the affected area. There is no cutting or manipulating of bulky sheets needed.

These are all important aspects of keeping a healthy garden. More importantly, it lets you enjoy your garden as opposed to spending time weeding.

You can use Liquid Mulch in many ways. For example, you can simply leave it as is or, you can add some decorative stones in between to create a contrast.

Help us spread the word through Facebook ( and Twitter (@AdvancedBP). Share with us your stories of how you used it.

Help Us Save 2.5 Million L of Crude Oil

I started developing Liquid Mulch and the other polysaccharide based products because I have a strong belief that humanity can accomplish the same standard of living without abusing the environment or without depleting the earth’s resources.

Since the first products went commercial in 2010, these natural polysaccharide based products have saved over 1.7 million L of crude oil. Now, you, the individual can also help because these products have been made into a format that can be used around your home. For example, there is Liquid Mulch for potted plants, decorative pots, etc.

Each bottle of Liquid Mulch that you use instead of spraying the plant with pesticides/herbicides or instead of putting a geo fabric over the ground saves about 50 g of crude oil. In addition it saves about 2 L of water over three months. Each time you use one of our small 6” decorative pots instead of an equivalent plastic pot you also help save about 50 g of crude oil.

Our goal is to save 2.5 million L of crude oil.

Help us spread the word through Facebook ( and Twitter (@AdvancedBP). Help us help our environment by suggesting new products. You may win the one you suggest!