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Temporary, Water washable Masking Liquid - AMP66VN™ - Case of 2 - 1 L Jugs

AMP66VN™ is a thicker version of AMP66™ primarily used to apply thicker films. AMP66™ is an excellent masking tool for hobbyists and for home reno projects. You can use it to temporarily protect any surface against dirt, oil, paint, marring, etc. This package contains 2, 1 L jugs of AMP66™. Once the protection is no longer needed simply wash it off using water. Always keep some on hand.

AMP66VN™ can be applied over any surface. These include, bare metal, painted metal, fibre glass, polyurethane, plastic, polyester, rubber, glass, etc. If you are unsure about how AMP66VN™ will affect a certain material test a small corner before using it.

Simply apply the AMP66VN™ onto the surface to be protected using a brush, by spraying or by dipping and let it dry. Drying usually takes about 20 minutes. For heavy duty protection apply two or three coats. Let the AMP66VN™ dry between each coat.

It is a natural product made from corn.

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