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Temporary, Water washable Masking Liquid - AMP66™ - 18 L (5 Gallons) Pail

AMP66™ is an excellent masking tool for hobbyists and for home reno projects. You can use it to temporarily protect any surface against dirt, oil, paint, marring, etc. Once the protection is no longer needed simply wash it off using water. Always keep some on hand.

AMP66™ can be applied over any surface. These include, bare metal, painted metal, fibre glass, polyurethane, plastic, polyester, rubber, glass, etc. If you are unsure about how AMP66™ will affect a certain material test a small corner before using it.

Simply apply the AMP66™ onto the surface to be protected using a brush, by spraying or by dipping and let it dry. Drying usually takes about 20 minutes. For heavy duty protection apply two or three coats. Let the AMP66™ dry between each coat.

It is a natural product made from corn.

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